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Choose JCS Construction

JCS CONSTRUCTION is an award winning builder that will bring your project in on time and on budget. Working with our clients to achieve their vision while delivering an exceptional product is our number one priority. For nearly three decades, we have worked diligently and creatively, providing our clients a level of service that is second to none.
Whether it’s new construction, a vanilla box or a precise restoration, our exacting attention to detail is given to every single project.

The JCS CONSTRUCTION team includes talented designers, project managers, carpenters and trades people that bring their proven skills and combined experience to each project.  Our construction team handles project management utilizing proven construction practices, ultimately resulting in better communication and on-time project delivery.
The JCS office staff insures smooth workflow and unsurpassed customer service. Our efficient operations enable us to offer a wide range of services at competitive pricing.
JCS Construction’s high level of success is the result of years of experience, fulfilling each customer’s individual needs and delivering projects to their satisfaction.

At JCS CONSTRUCTION, we have extensive experience working with architects & designers in a collaborative setting while maintaining a high level of communication with our clients. A unique option that would be at your disposal is our “one-stop-shop” approach to commercial building where the contractor, architect and designer are all offered through one unified source – the Design-Build Contractor.  This approach allows the customer to have their project completely managed under one roof, handling all of the details from project inception to completion, making the entire process more efficient and cost effective.

JCS CONSTRUCTION has completed a multitude of projects throughout the Chicago metropolitan area and beyond. Whether planning new construction or remodeling an existing space, the JCS CONSTRUCTION team will streamline the process, saving you both time and money.

what we do

• Preconstruction Support
• Feasibility Studies
• Land Use Approvals
• Tenant Build-Out/improvement
• Facade Refacing
• Historical Restoration
• ADA Disability Services upgrades
• Energy Efficiency Planning & Upgrading
• General Contracting
• Construction Management

contact us

jcs construction
design + build studio

106 s. oak park avenue
suite 205
oak park, il 60302
p: 708.393.4189